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P1406 - 1/4 Scale Fully Articulated Full or Partial Body Pilot

This fully articulated 1/4 scale pilot will fit most 1/4 scale general aviation closed cockpit and glider models. A wide range of bespoke hand made clothing is available, made to your requirements to suit almost any era / aircraft or look you require. This would typically include leather jacket, cloth or leather helmet, trousers, shoes, gloved hands, scarf but other options are available!

Using a mixture of hard and soft foam (rigid for the torso and flexible for the limbs) it is stable but flexible enough to fit into most cockpits and can be painted and dressed to suit most looks.
Options include:
  • flexible foam torso (great for glider bucket seats)
  • animated head movement
  • unpainted
  • reduced seat to head (crown) height to help fit pilots to models with cramped cockpits, or where the seat height is higher than scale. Clothing will be shortened accordingly
  • half / partial body versions. These can be supplied cut to length or supplied as waist-up so the modeller can trim the foam (and coat) to length.
  • Anything else - please ask!
See our Prices page for standard and options pricing, or Contact us us to discuss your bespoke requirements.
Scale 1/4
Stock Number P1406
Height (mm)* 230 (Seat to crown of head)
Width (mm)* 115
Weight (gram)* 175 - 250g (depending on fabrics and finish requested)
* Note that as all our pilots are individually hand made these are approximate dimensions and weights. Please let us know when ordering if these are critical to your application.