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"Your pilot got me out of bed at ten past seven on Saturday morning! He is fine and sitting in his new cockpit. Thanks for your Good Work - I will mention Perfect Pilots at this evenings club meeting."
Alex, UK
"Charles' arrived in good order and condition.I am very impressed with the finished product and would like to order a second pilot, this time for my ¼ scale Tiger Moth. As the tiger Moth is in RAAF colours as a WW11 Trainer the pilot will also need a helmet together with flying goggles. Also I am Vice President of the local Scale Aircraft Association and will distribute your cards at the next meeting. Many of my friends also have trouble in obtaining an appropriate Pilot for their projects."
Bill, Australia
"By way of introduction – I am Bill's p/a and I have had the pleasure of viewing the two pilots you have recently made for him. I have been intrigued with the amount of detail you go to…I thought the last chap (Biggles helmet & all) was particularly handsome – lovely blue eyes too!
I just thought I would drop you a line so that you know that your work is also admired by others in Bill’s office. I am certain  both pilots will look fantastic when they are “onboard” and ready to fly! "
Tracey, Australia
"Pilot has arrived Wendy. Spot on. I will post some pics when his mount is ready for him. Thank you "
Simon, UK
"The pilot just arrived - he looks fab! It really is a great piece of work" 
Gordon, UK
"The Tiger Moth Pilot arrived in good condition. He looks great. Congratulations on your workmanship!"
Bill, Australia
"I have got the pilots, they are fantastic, I am so happy. I will send the photos, when the plane will be finished, but it will not be so soon."
Petr, Czech Republic
"She arrived safely this morning by post. The result is excellent I'm fully satisfied of the product itself and the quality of your service as well, thank you very much."
Laurent, Switzerland
Ernie Pilot in SUper Cub
Ernie Pilot in SUper Cub "Finally got around to taking a few photos of the Cub with the “new” pilot on board. Again, I thank you for the very nice job you did. I have received many nice remarks since he has been at the controls."
Ernie, USA
Ernie Pilot in SUper Cub
"He arrived this morning - looks great! Many thanks"
Gordon, UK