About us

Breaking News: All good things must come to an end!

After nearly 20 years I have decided to retire and will therefore be winding down Perfect-Pilots. I won't be making new ones, nor will I add to the range in any way. I do have a small number of pilots in stock - these were used for demonstrations and shows - and I'll be selling these.

I have a large number of moulds and parts of pilots - bodies, arms, legs, heads, hands, feet etc. and I'd be happy to explore selling these if anyone would like to take over Perfect-Pilots. If this happens I'll also include the two web domains (perfect-pilots.com and perfect-pilots.co.uk) and I'd be very happy to share all my techniques, materials etc. Please contact me if you'd like to explore this.

Perfect Pilots is a small family-run operation specialising in hand made scale model aircraft pilots. Like you, we are RC modellers and this initiative was born out of our need for pilots for our planes. We specialise in bespoke, individually crafted pilots particularly for scale models.

Perfect-Pilots started in a very small way with a need for a pilot for a 1/4 scale Tiger Moth and our range has grown since then to include a growing range of pilots in 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 and 1/6 scale.

The masters of each new pilot are hand crafted by Wendy before a mould is made to enable us to create the copies. Each is hand made by us in Kent.