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Breaking News: All good things must come to an end!

After nearly 20 years I have decided to retire and will therefore be winding down Perfect-Pilots. I won't be making new ones, nor will I add to the range in any way. I do have a small number of pilots in stock - these were used for demonstrations and shows - and I'll be selling these.

I have a large number of moulds and parts of pilots - bodies, arms, legs, heads, hands, feet etc. and I'd be happy to explore selling these if anyone would like to take over Perfect-Pilots. If this happens I'll also include the two web domains (perfect-pilots.com and perfect-pilots.co.uk) and I'd be very happy to share all my techniques, materials etc. Please contact me if you'd like to explore this.

Perfect Pilots is a small family-run operation specialising in hand made scale model aircraft pilots. Like you, we are R/C modellers and this initiative was born out of our need for pilots for our planes. We specialise in bespoke, individually crafted pilots particularly for scale models.

Based in Kent, England, we have supplied RC model pilots for models in Australia, South Africa and the USA as well as all over Europe. We offer a range of 1/3 and 1/4 full body scale pilots as well as some fully moulded 1/4, 1/5 and 1/6 pilot figure busts.

All our pilots are hand made and individually crafted so we are very happy to work with you to achieve a specific look to suit a particular scale subject or era of aviation. Accessories including general aviation harnesses, British QS harnesses, scarves, WW1 gaiters, maps etc. are all available to add the finishing touch.

The seat to head (crown) height of our full body pilots can be shortened (and the clothes shortened accordingly) to help fit pilots to models with cramped cockpits, or where the seat height is higher than scale. Servo-operated heads are available as an option on most of our fully articulated pilots.

Please browse our Products page and hopefully you will find something to suit your needs - if not, please Contact us

See our News page for pilots under development and other news. 

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As all our pilots are individually hand made we can work with you and your reference materials to create exactly what you are looking for so if you don't see what you want on our site please ask!
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